Since 2010, Hearts of the World has fostered self-expression through painting workshops in over 10 countries.

Started at the Lower Eastside Girls Club, by founder, NYC-based artist Nicolina, the HOTW team has partnered with schools, social service agencies and arts organizations to create life-altering experiences.

The aim of these workshops is to exercise the healing powers of creativity that transcend international borders giving young people tools to navigate the often difficult world in which they live.

Chiapas, Mexico

New York, NY

Seattle, Washington

Kona, Hawaii

New Orleans, LA

Cité Soleil, Haiti
Havana, Cuba

Rio, Brazil

Valparaiso, Chile

Naples, Italy

Beijing, China

Zhuahi, China

Chiba, JapanChiba, Japan

Chiba, Japan

Painting a brighter future

Hearts of the World empowers young people to discover their passion and unique purpose through painting workshops. They explore their inner worlds, their hopes, their fears and their potential through creative self expression.

Take a look at last year’s Workshop Tour Throughout India!

The Hearts of the World India Tour is proudly sponsored by:

Private sponsors: Jan Sudra, Angela Lambert, Heather Craft, Steven Buffone

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